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Ogólnopolska Grupa Badawcza (OGB – Polish Nationwide Research Group) allows to understand attitudes and needs of Poles as citizens, voters and consumers. We carry out social research and market analyses for the needs of companies, as well as local and nationwide political research.


OGB associates 3 research brands: Instytut Badań Spraw Publicznych (Institute of Public Affairs Research), Instytut Badań Samorządowych (Institute of Local Government Research) and Instytut Badań Zmian Społecznych (Institute of Social Changes Research). Each of them specializes in specific cases, thanks to which they provide specialist data. Our experts have in-depth knowledge regarding local governments, national politics and changing social trends and share the part of it by the use of dedicated websites:, and



Our team consists of professionals in the field of research and analyses



While carrying out each research project, we set all issues individually in order to choose the best method and scope of research. Thanks to this, we are able to respond to various needs and expectations of clients, as well as different research subjects. We also use our proprietary, innovative analytical tools which allow us to delve into the true meaning of the responders’ answers. We present the data by the use of interactive reports which allow to observe the trends and show more research data than traditional research companies.

Thematic portals


OGB carries out a number of projects being an integral part of functioning of both our research institutes and thematic websites. Thanks to the creation of new tools, we are able to constantly improve our work and offer new services.




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