Group 3


Polls and research

The polls of IBS regarding the support for candidates for town mayors and Samorządowy Ranking Zaufania (Local Government Trust Ranking) for the key governors prepared periodically are published on the website. Additionally, basing on the data provided by Instytut Badań Samorządowych (Institute of Local Government Research), the need for changes in towns, senior policy and actions taken by the town against smog are analysed.


As the first in Poland, prepared the proprietary forecast of elections to regional assemblies, predicting the today’s balance of power in local governments and coalitions which could be formed in the assemblies. In addition, forecasts of political parties support in all 107 presidential towns, as well as forecasts for city councils in selected towns are available.

Assessment of presidents

On you will also find an assessment of the political situation of towns’ authorities – the experts of estimate who has a stable position, who can not count on certain re-election and who is threatened with a referendum. 

Assessment of the situation in town

The activities implemented by the town for residents are also analysed. On the basis of the taken initiatives, as well as the way they are communicated, the experts evaluate the town in five categories thanks to which it is possible to compare the social policy in all presidential towns in Poland.



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