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On commission of the website, IBSP periodically carries out political polls showing which political party is the most popular at a given moment, who would have the best chance in presidential elections, as well as which politician enjoys the greatest support among Poles. Moreover, research assessing the greater public trust in the government – opposition conflict is published regularly.

Forecasts also creates proprietary election forecasts prepared by the experts on polls, election geography and quantitative methods. By our forecasts, we try to predict the results of support not only on a national scale but also in voivodeships and districts (poviats). In addition, forecasts for the distribution of seats in constituencies to Sejm, Senat and the European Parliament are prepared.


The experts of the website analyse available data, polls and forecasts in order to predict how will the political scene in our country develop in six months, one year, 5 years. Electorate structures, flows of support and changes on the political scene are analysed for better understanding of the decisions made by politicians.

Public policies

Research and analyses regarding 5 most important public policies – health, economy, safety, technology and energy – are published on the website. By data and polls analysis, it is described how do the public policies impact public debate in the country and what is the influence of the public debate on the most important branches of the economy.



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